CoqQFBV: A Scalable Certified SMT Quantifier-Free Bit-Vector Solver


We present a certified SMT QF BV solver CoqQFBV built from a verified bit blasting algorithm, Kissat, and the verified SAT certificate checker GratChk in this paper. Our verified bit blasting algorithm supports the full QF BV logic of SMT-LIB; it is specified and formally verified in the proof assistant Coq. We compare CoqQFBV with CVC4, Bitwuzla, and Boolector on benchmarks from the QF BV division of the single query track in the 2020 SMT Competition, and real-world cryptographic program verification problems. CoqQFBV surprisingly solves more program verification problems with certification than the 2020 SMT QF BV division winner Bitwuzla without certification.

International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification